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Baking Sugarplums into Lessons

Teach children comprehension using the classic holiday poem Twas the Night Before Christmas Teaching Comprehension”Twas the Night Before… and then giving it a new twist with a version that includes the line “The puppies were squeaking / An old rubber mouse”. Finally, says Diane Brauner, writing on the Paths to Technology blog, get students to write their own “Night Before” poems. Along the way, build basic reading skills and vocabulary, and learn contractions and rhyming. Who ever knew so much learning could be contained in one holiday classic?

For students who are having difficulty concentrating on class work, especially during the holiday season, help is available from the National Homework Hotline for Blind and Visually Impaired Students Part 2″National Homework Hotline. Help is free for students from kindergarten all the way up through college. Support is there for core courses as well as technology including NVDA and JAWS. Students, families or teachers fill out a Google form so they can be matched with the right helper, at the right time, according to the student’s needs.