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One Tablet for All

You may have noticed that we try to feature resources that are free or virtually low cost, so we’ve been hanging on to this one for awhile, even though it is certainly an intriguing product. Prices hovering in the $6000 range are not our style, but if you’re looking at doing some spectacular gifting… the InsideOne tablet, which provides both Braille and Qwerty input with a 32-cell Braille display, might be just the ticket. When Cool Blind Tech reviewed it in 2017, they touted its Braille input, saying it “allows a person to type in braille on the screen, but there is no longer a need to make sure that your fingers are perfectly allied to be recognized. There are indentations in the glass, and this is where you place your fingers when typing in braille.” And “there is an option for a virtual on screen keyboard”. Insidevision , the company that created InsideOne, states it is “building a bridge between the sighted and blind worlds”. See a demo on YouTube and find the Inside One at 30% off ($3900) until December 31 at Mystic Access. An upgrade is coming in 2021. “Exclusive upgrade pricing to the new version will be available if you order the InsideOne now.”