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We are a grant maker providing support to organizations working to improve the lives of blind and visually impaired individuals. We also publish large print reading material for people who have trouble reading standard sized print.

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Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation partners with Beneficent Technology, Inc. (Benetech)

Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation (RDPFS) awarded Beneficent Technology, Inc. (Benetech) a grant for their Bookshare:  Online Training For Immediate Solutions Program.

Benetech plans to leverage the insights they learned from the Targeted TVI Training Pilot Program (funded by PFS) to build a new online training portal. The portal will have a series of short, modular videos on specific Bookshare topics designed to provide time-strapped TVIs with the information they need, in real-time, on accessing the Bookshare library, searching for books, creating Reading Lists, selecting and using appropriate reading tools, etc. Having the videos available online enables Bookshare teachers to get immediate answers to questions, and also provides easy access for TVI’s that live in remote areas not easily or often served by live trainings.

Creating modular videos will allow Benetech to prolong the viability of the training series as a whole, as it permits them to easily update any tutorials that have become out of date due to shifts in technology.

Looking longer-term, Benetech is addressing the very high costs of accessible book production by launching an initiative to encourage publishers to have the books be “born accessible”, thereby negating the need for the intermediary steps.

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