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You Can Now Request a Ride-Hailing Service by Calling a Phone Number

Popular ride-hailing service Uber now offers passengers the opportunity to schedule a trip via phone, in addition to booking car travel via their app. This allows users another way to summon these services, especially for those who do not have smartphones, have difficulty with the technology, or for anyone who would prefer to speak with someone on the phone. Uber’s phone option can be reached by calling 1-833-USE-UBER (1-833-873-8237). This will connect to a team member who can help with creating an account and requesting a ride. Riders need to call from a cell phone that can receive text messages, so that they can send a message with details about your driver and let you know when the driver arrives. For more information, read the announcement on Uber’s website. Although Lyft, another popular ride-hailing service, does not provide a phone number specifically to schedule rides, their customer service phone number can be used for that purpose for those without a smartphone or if it is difficult to connect. That phone number is 1-844-250-2773. Additional details about connecting with Lyft is available on the Ridester webpage on the Lyft Phone Number: When, Why, and How to Call Lyft Support by Phone.