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White Canes, Manual Wheelchairs, and More: New Inclusive emojis are Coming to Smart Devices this Spring

Emojis, those small digital images used to express ideas and emotions, are increasingly being used in text messages, emails, and more. On their LinkedIn page, Perkins School for the Blind is celebrating the news that “#InclusiveEmojis are coming to Apple devices in this spring’s iOS update.” Among the new offerings are emojis depicting people using white canes, manual wheelchairs, and additions to representations of motorized wheelchairs, which will be available in forward-facing positions (previously they only faced left). To read the full post, visit the Perkins School for the Blind LinkedIn page. For more information about the new emojis, visit the Emojipedia webpage announcing First Look: New Emojis in iOS 17.4. To read a full definition of what these graphic symbols are, visit the Merriam-Webster webpage on emoji.