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Water Skiing in Oklahoma

Water skiing, a popular summer pastime, calls for a combination of balance, focus on keeping your feet parallel and the ski tips out of the water, to name a few of the challenging skills required. It is not, however, a “sport that cares if you have 20/20 vision – it’s about the joy of standing up, of being out on the water, and of doing something you didn’t realize you could do.” So states in its web story entitled “Visually-Impaired Kids Learn to Water Ski Thanks to Oklahoma Nonprofit.” The organization sponsoring waterskiing for campers, NewView Oklahoma, has been teaching campers who are visually impaired how to water ski for the past six years. Water skiing instruction is part of the offerings of O.W.L. (Oklahomans Without Limits) Camp, one of NewView’s summer camps. Read more about water skiing instruction and other camping experiences: OWL Camp 2021.