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Enter Text as Braille with iPhone, Print as text
Braille Screen Input, a notable feature of iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, lets the user enter text in the form of electronic braille by using their fingers as if they were using a braille writer to enter text into edit fields. The on-screen interface includes a number of pre-configured gestures to enter spaces, start new lines, and even cycle between spelling suggestions. Simply add Braille Screen Input to the VoiceOver rotor to have access to the feature. Braille Screen Input requires no additional hardware, minimal setup, and allows iPhone users to put their braille skills to use in quickly composing messages, entering passcodes, and completing online forms. The interns report that it can take awhile to learn how to use this feature efficiently, but it’s a real bonus for those who write braille. The following guide from Apple provides a quick overview of the feature The next document is maintained by user contributions. The interns reports that the document is extensive, but worth the time, as it guides new users of Braille Screen Input through setup and practice and includes both FAQs and information on advanced topics.