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A cake With 30 Candles

Sunday, July 26, is the 30th birthday of the ADA. The New York Times has a series, Beyond the Law’s Promise, on how the ADA has shaped modern life for people with disabilities. In his article, “Disabled Do-It-Yourselfers Lead Way to Technology Gains”, David M. Perry, who uses smart technology to help with his dyslexia, notes, “Disability technology can be so quotidian that nondisabled users don’t even notice,” and includes comments from Mark Riccobono of NFB, on the low tech white cane’s longevity, “A couple times a year someone comes to us and says, ‘We have this great new idea for how to replace the cane!’ We try to be objective, but no. You’re trying to solve a problem that’s not a problem.
One comment for the Times team – next time, include that white cane in one of the accompanying photos!

“The New York Times’ special section on disability is available in Braille and audio and has its own style guide” wrote Sarah Scire from the Nieman Lab At Harvard. The Times’ project looked to give writers with disabilities their own bylines, and as “an opportunity to experiment with disability friendly production and design.