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The Holidays Continue

Kwanzaa, which honors African-American roots, is celebrated from December 26 to January 1. On each of its seven days, family and friends greet each other with the phrase “Habari gani” or “What is the news?” The response is the principle for that day: unity, self-determination, uplifting your community, cooperative economics in your community, purpose, creativity, or faith in the community. If you’re celebrating with children, try ideas like “Putting fruits and vegetables on the table [which] gives you a concrete way to talk about how parents in some communities harvest their own crops to feed their families.” Young children can learn to identify each by its shape, smell and texture. For older children, this idea can be extended to include a conversation about world geography, gardening, food insecurity, and giving back to the community. The blog at Family Connect reminds us that children do some of their best learning through experience. While that might require more creativity right now, think of things to do like purchasing ears of dried popping corn, removing the kernels, and popping them for a group snack.