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Technology Tips for People with Low Vision: How to Back Up a Mobile Device

When using mobile devices with assistive technology, knowing how to back up your work is invaluable “in case your iPad suddenly fries on a Friday night.” Veronica Lewis, also known as “Veronica with Four Eyes,” shared advice in a recently updated Perkins School for the Blind post. She explains that protecting data and settings by doing a backup can ensure that accessibility settings can be saved and, if needed, set up on a new device. Here are a few of her suggestions:
Create a local backup on the computer on a regular basis: The computer can store a local backup in iTunes or iCloud that has the user’s device settings, photos, other settings, and more.
Write a list of accessibility settings and configurations used: A hard copy with information like text size and custom voice speeds for screen readers can be stored as a Word document on a personal computer.
Synch notes and calendars to an email account: Synchronization makes information accessible from any device and can be configured in the Account Settings section of the device.
Clean and delete old files as needed: Cleaning up devices regularly results in quicker backups and speeds up the device in general.

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