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Summer at Home Children Art Activities

The Chicago Children’s Museum has Recipes for Play at Home for children age 0 and up. What’s the recipe for the very youngest children? “Place your baby or toddler safely (on their tummy or back) on one end of [a large piece of] fabric and give them a gentle sleigh ride around the room.” Our interns found that not all images are described.

The Eric Carle Picture Book Museum in Amherst, Massachusetts, has a series called Making Art Together. One of this weekly series is all about how to attach materials without using adhesives. “Working without glue or tape can sometimes take a bit more problem-solving and time, but it can also lead to creative solutions, as well as interesting patterns, shapes, and textures.,” says the webpage. Find the entire series here. Intern comment: “All of its graphics were tagged so that a screen reader would read a description of each graphic, and the provided descriptions were thorough. I reviewed the article that discussed creating comics and the article on garden art.”