Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

Smart Phone Based Approach to Vision care

London-based Peek Vision “develops solutions to help health services deploy limited resources more effectively, and work towards 100% eye care coverage” through its Peek Solutions suite of smartphone apps and other software (for Android). Its smartphone based eye test can be administered anywhere, and is often used by traditional classroom teachers in areas where eye services are unavailable. “The Peek school eye health system uses our clinically-validated vision check app to screen children for distance vision problems at school. Information on children requiring further examination is automatically sent to a local eye care professional who can provide treatment (e.g. glasses, eye drops) or refer them on for specialist care. Parents or carers automatically receive personalised SMS (text) or voice messages reminding them of follow up appointments. The school also receives an SMS list of the children in their school who require further support.” Read about the vision exam at Peek Acuity.