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See for a Lifetime Retina Education Initiative Launched to Heighten Awareness and Action

To raise awareness about retinal disease and prompt the public to take action, the American Society of Retinal Specialists (ASRS) has launched a See for a Lifetime See a Retinal Specialist Initiative. Affirming that “Retinal disease can steal vision, but it doesn’t have to,” the campaign seeks to empower people at risk and family members to take care of their vision, understand risk factors, be aware of signs and symptoms and seek professional help. In recent years tremendous advances have occurred in the diagnosis and treatment of retinal conditions like macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. This makes it more important than ever to reach people to ensure that they can access timely care. The See for a Lifetime See a Retinal Specialist initiative features educational materials for patient advocacy organizations, healthcare professionals, and policymakers as well as a video series, podcast, and other promotional media and resources to advance its goal of safeguarding sight.