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Robotics Technology Improving Accessibility and Efficiency in Austin, Texas

by Jaime Rodriguez

Austin Lighthouse in Austin, Texas, in launching a partnership with Fetch Robotics by Zebra Technologies, is now working with “autonomous mobile robots, or AMRs,” to help employees who are blind or have low vision and work in their million-square-foot warehouse operation. With the implementation of this inclusive assistive technology, workers experience increased independence and new accessibility options in the workplace, while their employer enjoys improved efficiency, with productivity increasing two-and-one-half times since the initial implementation. Workers ship out an average of ten truckloads per day, containing 5000+ packages, using this technology. The use of AMRs has allowed for increased employment of people who are blind and visually impaired, with approximately 250 warehouse employees who are blind or have low vision. With the ever-increasing evolution of artificial intelligence and robotics technology, the employment possibilities are endless. Hopefully, the successful implementation of these assistive technologies will continue and spread far beyond the bounds of Austin, Texas. Read more about this innovation in the Forbes article: Exclusive: How The Austin Lighthouse For The Blind Uses Robotics To Make Warehouse Work More Efficient And More Accessible.