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Reducing Eye Strain from Screens on Mainstream Devices

Excessive use of screens on computers, tablets, smart phones, and other devices can result in eye strain. Veronica Lewis, also known as “Veronica With Four Eyes,” has configured technology devices with a number of apps and settings to minimize the strain. In a recently updated post on the Perkins School for the Blind website, Lewis offers some tips written from the perspective of a college student with low vision, such as using:
-A blue light filter guard for Google Chrome: Blue light “can cause fatigue, eye strain, and blurry vision.” The guard places a “warm tint” over the page to allow the user to view it for long periods of time;
-Computer glasses: In Lewis’ case, these glasses have a “special progressive bifocal” to prevent bending the head when viewing the screen;
-Tinted glasses: A yellow tint, for example, can reduce eye strain.
-An anti-glare screen filter: A glass filter hanging over the computer’s monitor can filter out glare and make text easier to see.
Lewis also provides detailed information and a number of tips about how to change settings on both Android and iOS devices to make them more accessible, such as reducing the “white point,” using color filters, and more. For additional information, and a “Summary of ten ways to reduce eye strain with technology,” read the piece on How to reduce eye strain from screens.