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New Accessibility Features for Gaming

Microsoft has announced that the company is expanding its “commitment to accessibility” with the introduction of new features for players of its Xbox consoles and Windows PCs. In addition to the existing Xbox Adaptive Controller, plans call for the introduction of controller-to-keyboard mapping for the Adaptive Controller and for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. An app update will bring more accessibility features to the Game Bar and the Xbox App on PC. The update will include a “’Game Accessibility’” settings menu in the Xbox widgets of the Game Bar and will cover visual and audio controls. This will allow gamers to personalize their experience according to their needs. Microsoft has also created a channel entitled “Accessibility in Games” in the Xbox Store. The channel will pull together all games that feature accessibility tags to facilitate players finding titles with enhanced accessibility options. Accessibility features are being introduced in “first-party Xbox and PC games.” An example is Forza Motorsport, which now includes a “Blind Assist Feature” that provides audio cues for users who are visually impaired. For additional information, visit the Game Is Hard webpage covering the news that Microsoft Announces New Accessibility Features for Xbox and PC Gaming.