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More Tips to Enjoy the Holiday Season

Making the Holiday Season Brighter for People with Vision Loss

As the holidays rapidly approach, many family members, friends, and caregivers may face concerns about how to ensure that “the holidays are a problem-free and joyous time for their visually impaired and blind relatives.” The Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (MABVI) provides tips that can help, including:

– When decorating, do not reorganize or move major items like furniture, belongings, and other household layout features. Moving things around can be hazardous for someone with vision loss.

– Use contrasting colors at the dinner table to make items like tablecloths, dishes, and food items stand out.

– Provide narration at gatherings and parties, when introducing yourself and others. Be verbally descriptive in explaining where things are or what gifts are being opened.

– “Empower everyone to participate.” Be sure to involve those with vision impairment to join in activities others are participating in, like helping to fold napkins, dry dishes, or help with other kitchen activities.

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Enjoying Holiday Outings with Family and Friends

Holiday outings with family and friends can be enjoyed together and with greater ease with some pointers on planning where to go and how to prepare for the season’s adventures. Here are a few offered by BrailleWorks:

– Check out holiday activities that are multi-sensory, like those with sound and tactile experiences rather than strictly visual experiences.

– In considering new venues, check into whether they have “hands-on, sensory-friendly, and child-friendly” activities.

– Before venturing out to an activity, ask about accommodations.

– Keep a reasonable pace, “enjoy the little things,” and “Watch for those magical moments.” Don’t rush from one activity to another too quickly.

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