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Make Sure Holiday Events are Accessible: A Checklist

When planning workplace or other large holiday events, some steps that can ensure accessibility for all attendees are available in a checklist from the Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disabilities (EARN). This very detailed checklist explains what steps can be taken before, during, and following the party or other activity to enhance accessibility. For example:

– Those invited should be asked on the registration form what accommodations they need.

– Graphics on invitations need to have text descriptions and calendar invites should include event details, how to access accommodations, and a contact for any questions about accessibility.

– During the event, describe in words any visual information, like slides, pictures, or demonstrations, and read aloud any text on a visual.

– Provide information on locations of emergency exits, restrooms, and any tables with gifts, food, or other items.
While this is a comprehensive guide, specific requests for accommodations are based on a person’s particular disability and should be reviewed individually. To help to make sure that holiday parties and other events are accessible for everyone and for more tips, Access the Accessible Events Checklist here.