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More Innovations for Getting Around safely

Buzz Clip, is a wearable device which has a sensor that alerts the wearer to objects and anything that is in front of you by vibrating as you approach. Attach it to a white cane or to clothing. For example, if an object is at your chest or head level, the cane will not detect it but Buzz Clip will. The closer you are to the obstacle the more intense the vibration so you know to stop. Cost is $249.00. You can listen to the demonstration here. For more information click here. Buzz Clip is the product of University of Toronto startup iMerciv, which has recently launched a second product. “MapinHood launched in February 2020. It’s a free, crowdsourced pedestrian navigation app that empowers people to choose safe and barrier-free city walking routes, with real-time updates about hazards. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, they also added a social distancing mode to allow users to choose less busy routes.” More about MapinHood on Facebook and Twitter.