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Long-Term COVID-19 and Disability

In releasing guidance for people living with “long-haul COVID-19,” President Biden’s administration issued information on how those affected can access resources, accommodations, and support. Depending on the symptoms experienced, individuals with persisting symptoms may be considered to have a disability that qualifies them for protection from discrimination as well as possible disability benefits. The White House has also provided guidance on how people with long-term COVID symptoms can “better access disability support services.” Read more about long haul COVID and how to access resources and supports in The Mighty article Biden Administration Says Long-Haul COVID-19 to Be Federally Recognized as a Disability.

The Mighty Coronavirus (COVID-19) Check-In: Quick Survey on Community Impact:
The Mighty has prepared a user survey to learn more about what supports continue to be needed during the extended pandemic. Responses will be used in developing content helpful to those utilizing the resources provided by this digital health community “created to empower and  connect people facing health challenges and disabilities.” To take the survey, click on The Mighty Coronavirus Check-In.