Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

Graffiti Artist’s Awareness Campaign: Dim the Lights to Protect Your Eyes

Tony Cruz is an activist, muralist, graffiti artist, carpenter, and songwriter. He’s also legally blind. “The B-Boy lingo and thick Bronx accent are definitely New York. As he speaks the conversation about his love of art is on full display. Also prominent at the top of the chat will be Cruz’s insistence that we do more to protect our eyes,” noted an article on ” The Activated People. Cruz speaks with young people and offers street graffiti workshops. His paintings often include messages on the dangers of blue light, and when engaged with youth, he may be “popping caps off of spray paint cans and teaching the art of graffiti painting” while offering advice. Hear Cruz talk about his art and see his Bronx Soundview Mural ” here.