Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

Free Webinar: Big Data Project on Blindness and Low Vision Among Working-Age Adults: March 27, 2024

The Big Data Project Working-Age Adult Reports, published by VisionServe Alliance (VSA), address “significant gaps between people (ages 18 through 64) with and without vision impairment and those who are working versus those who are not.” Reports also consider chronic conditions, quality of life, and disability characteristics and illustrate social, economic, and health differences between those with and without vision impairment. On March 27, 2024 at 3 pm ET, VSA is hosting a webinar highlighting key aspects of these reports, including national and individual state versions. This forum will respond to questions to ensure that participants “get the most out of this groundbreaking data.” Dr. John Crews, lead project investigator, will be the presenter. For more information, and a link to register for this program, visit the VSA webpage on the Big Data Project Working-Age Adult Report Webinar.

National Report Available Free of Charge

The Big Data National Report on Working-Age Adults (18 to 64) provides a comprehensive review of conditions for individuals in these age groups across the nation. It is being offered free of charge. The importance and relevance of this report are explained by Lee Nasehi, president and CEO of VisionServe Alliance: “Understanding the prevalence of vision impairment among people of working age…, the circumstances they experience, and the distribution across employment categories is useful to improve opportunities to promote work as well as improve overall health and quality of life of working-aged people.” For additional information, as well as links to download a preview or order the full national report, visit the VSA webpage on the Big Data Project – Data Insights For Working Age Adults.  This page also includes links to download individual state reports. Thanks to sponsorship by national and state partners, available state reports may be accessed for $250 each.