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Focus on Accessibility: Super Bowl Ad Highlights Camera Feature Aimed at Helping People who are Blind or Have Low Vision Take Photos

A 60-second spot that aired during this year’s Super Bowl follows people who use Google’s Guided Frame, which provides “a way for low-vision and blind users to capture great photos.” The ad describes the story of a blind man who uses this Pixel phone feature, which operates through artificial intelligence. Shot by director Adam Morse, who is blind, the ad aimed to communicate the “blind and low-vision experience to people with sight.” Part of achieving this included using petroleum jelly on camera lenses to simulate a “visual distortion similar to what Morse experiences.” Object detection and non-visual cues incorporated in Guided Frame help people with vision to take photos. Cues include audio instructions offering such guidance as how to position the phone as well as high-contrast visuals that can be seen by some people with vision loss. Guided Frame was developed by Google working directly with blind people. Initially introduced in 2022, Guided Frame can now be used on the rear camera system in addition to the front-facing camera. Find out more from the android central piece explaining that Google highlights a life-changing Pixel feature in BTS video for Super Bowl ad and the Adweek article announcing that Google Pixel Celebrates Accessibility in Its Latest Super Bowl Ad. The ad was also referenced as one of the top commercials that evening in an article in The New York Times on The Super Bowl Ads, Ranked. It is available for viewing on YouTube.