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Employer Flexibility and the Future of Work

In an article titled “We Have Been Disabled: How The Pandemic Has Proven The Social Model Of Disability” in Forbes Magazine, Nancy Doyle, an organizational psychologist specializing in neurodiversity, posited that as a result of social distancing, all employees require the flexibility of employers that we formerly called “accommodations” for employees with disabilities. “This led me to thinking about how the current environment is leading to disability accommodations becoming widely available, not because of some ethical awakening or increased empathy but because now everyone is disabled. If we follow the logic of the social model of disability, we are now working in an environment that is not ideal for the vast majority rather than an unseen minority.” Doyle further states that “as business leaders planning a return to work, we can sort the last few weeks into categories:
·New things we will keep
·New things we will cease
·Old things we will reinstate
·Old things we will drop”
Full text of the article is here.