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Easter Egg Hunts, Decorating and More with Accessibility in Mind

As the Easter holiday approaches, many families gather to decorate or hunt for eggs. Here are a few ideas for Easter egg enthusiasts who are blind or have low vision:

If you’re hosting a hunt for Beeping Easter eggs, has a list of where to find them. Beeping Easter eggs usually are large, made of plastic, and battery operated, with a beeper inside that produces a loud sound so that children can locate the egg by listening. They generally cost $8 to $18 and are available online, from sources like Amazon and MaxiAids. Check out’s piece by Hillary Kleck: Buyer’s Guide to Beeping Easter Eggs. You can also make beeping eggs, by placing key finders, available online, in plastic eggs. The key finder beeps by pressing the button on its remote control. Detailed instructions for creating beeping Easter Eggs are also offered on the FamilyConnect website. They list the materials needed and how to design and assemble these audible eggs. Read David Hyche’s full Instructions for Beeping Easter Egg Hunt for Visually Impaired Children.

Another option is to create tactile Easter eggs, which makes them more accessible to anyone who is blind and can “add interest and creativity to any Easter basket!,” according to Amber Bobnar in an article on Bobnar details materials needed and instructions to make eleven different eggs, from edible Jelly Bean Mosaic Eggs to Pom Pom Eggs to Button Eggs, to name a few. Read about the 11 DIY Tactile Eggs for Kids with Visual Impairments. More ideas for enjoyable tactile egg decorating are covered in a FamilyConnect Blog post by Shannon Carollo. The finished product can look beautiful, although the main purpose is “for them to be tactually interesting.” Hard-boiled or plastic eggs can be adorned with feathers, felt, stickers, beads, and other textured materials. Read more about Tactile Easter Egg Decorating For Your Child Who Is Blind or Visually Impaired.

Whichever method you choose can lead to an enjoyable and creative family holiday activity. Happy creating and happy hunting!