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Developing Accessibility at InstaCart

This resource is for our access developer readers. In an article on, Logan Murdock, “Former Revenue Accountant and CPA turned Full-Stack Engineer Instacart. Also a huge Japanophile,” offers a series of best practices for creating an accessible customer experience. And, says Murdock, “The final step in accessibility development is thoroughly testing the full experience using a screen reader (VoiceOver, NVDA, JAWS, etc…). You will certainly appreciate the easy close button, the sane modal trap, and clear heading information you built into your app. We did with ours. Maybe you’ll even notice other accessibility challenges beyond these best-practices and add new cutting-edge solutions. Best of all — you will have optimized the experience for a critical segment of your users and hit another milestone in providing a seamless in-app experience for every customer:” The full article is at making instacart accessible