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Costumes and Canes

When we googled Blind Halloween Costumes we got a long list of links on how easy it is to make a last minute Halloween costume mimicking blindness – dark glasses and a cane, of course, or characters like a blind referee and three blind mice. A young blogger with low vision, Veroniiiica with Four Eyes, has 10 ideas for DIY Halloween costumes using a white cane. “…a person who uses a blindness cane definitely doesn’t have to make their cane part of the costume,” says Veronica Lewis, but gives full instructions for those who would be a bat, a fairy, a Star Wars character, Daredevil, Destiny from the movie Finding Dory, three blind mice, Willy Wonka, a magician or ringmaster, and a candy cane. Lewis’s Halloween costume ideas will work for both children and adults. Link to her article on “Decoding the Colors of Blindness Canes”, too.