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Broadcasting the Weather

Ryan Lukowicz from North Kingstown, RI, is 14, makes weather predictions, and has created a podcast, Behind the Weather. “Every day, I wake up and look at all the different stations and of course Providence, as well as Boston and Connecticut and I combine those different perspectives and turn it into my own forecast.” In his interview with WJAR-TV Lukowicz explains his visual status and how he uses accessibility tools in daily life.

Sam Herron, a legally blind meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Rapid City, South Dakota, explains how he does his job in this piece for Insight, an NFB of South Dakota publication. Among his responsibilities, “I spend a lot of time collecting and processing data. We receive reports from many volunteer observers around western South Dakota and northeast Wyoming. I quality-control these observations to ensure correct data and formats of the reports. Also, I monitor automated observing stations around the area, such as the Rapid City airport station, to make sure that the sensors are reporting properly.” Read the article here.