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A Better Priced Braille Display

On our intern Ahmat’s Wish List for 2021 was better pricing for adaptive technology hardware. While its price may still make it out of reach for many, India-based Innovision’s Braille Me display has many attractive features, especially since its advertised price is $515 if purchased through NBP. Braille Me can be used with screen readers like NVDA and VoiceOver, and connects to a mobile device or a desktop. The Innovision website states its product offers “instant mobile connectivity and access to books in braille at your fingertips…Braille Me has been tested rigorously in harsh conditions like dust, humidity, heat etc. The body of Braille Me is reinforced from inside to sustain drops even from human heights.” Details and user manuals are available on NBP’s webpage , and technical support and training are a phone call away. One year limited warranty, too.