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World Kidney Day on March 9, 2023 Advances “Kidney Health for All”

World Kidney Day, a global initiative, aims to raise awareness of the “importance of our kidneys” to overall health and to reduce the incidence and impact of kidney disease and “its associated health problems…” WKD 2023’s theme, “Kidney Health for All,” calls for integrated health strategies that prioritize prevention, early detection, and management of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including kidney disease, diabetes, and other diseases, recognized as “the leading causes of death and disabilities worldwide…” Individuals with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have a greater risk of having visual impairment and major eye diseases. Research findings have indicated that “the prevalence of visual impairment and major eye diseases was approximately two- to seven-fold higher in participants with CKD.” The research findings also highlighted the importance of ensuring that people with CKD have access to regular eye care to detect and treat ocular conditions as early as possible. For more details about the study, read the Review of Optometry article explaining that Chronic Kidney Disease (is) Linked with Vision Impairment. Additional information and resources are available also from the National Kidney Foundation on Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Your Eyes.