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Wedding Planning: “Learning to Love Without the Visual Details” – a Personal Perspective

“As I began to plan my wedding, I was reminded of how gender and disability intersect.” Annika Konrad shares her experience in preparing for her marriage, shares the many details involved in planning – from selecting the venue, to identifying guests to reading vows to navigating obstacles at the site. A wedding involves lots of details and, as she notes, many of these are visual in nature. However, Ms. Konrad emphasizes that, as the bride, she was in charge, which means she could control “almost every detail,” including the color of the menu, font sizes and more. And, “Even though I couldn’t see many faces while walking down the aisle with my parents by my side, I knew all those blurry faces were there to support me and my husband and decided to wear the biggest smile of my life.” All told, her special day was full of excitement and “pure joy” that carried her through the day and that she hopes “to find …in many other moments of my life.” Read her full story in THE OUTLOOK FROM HERE.