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Visiting National Parks Virtually with Audio and Audio-Described Tours

It’s National Parks Week (April 17 – April 25), and finding audio described information can be a bit of a treasure hunt, but the treasures, once uncovered, are worth the effort. The National Parks site offers a “Find Your Virtual Park” page that includes, if you scroll down the page a short list of Featured Podcasts and Audio Programs. Listeners can learn about the importance of desert soil crust at Arches National Monument, Utah; hear the history of St. Croix Island in Maine in English, French or Passamaquoddy; and for the youngsters, check out a series of songs for Junior Rangers from the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument in Colorado. Fans of President Teddy Roosevelt can learn how two family tragedies brought about his ventures in ranching in the Badlands of North Dakota at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park page. Kobuk Valley National Park in Alaska’s introductory video is audio described, as is a video postcard from a visitor who kisses a fish. Have a particular park, seashore or historic site in mind? Go to the site and search for “podcasts”, “audio” or “audio described tours”.