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“Vets First Podcast” Season 3 Explores Vision Loss Challenges

All 12 episodes of the current, third season of the Vets First Podcast “delve into the unique challenges faced by Veterans coping with vision loss.” The podcast is offered through the VA Podcast Network, which provides a range of podcasts geared to the Veteran community. Season 3 episodes cover such topics as diabetes and vision, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and vision loss, glaucoma-related vision loss, and Veterans’ organizations, to name a few. Based on research, the Vets First Podcast focuses on the VA healthcare system and patients, showcasing Veterans and their stories. Program hosts Levi Sowers Ph.D, and Brandon Rea aim to increase understanding among Veterans of the the VA’s “state-of-the-art research” and help researchers across the nation to better understand Veterans’ needs. Read more here about the Vets First Podcast and from the VA News here about the Vets First Podcast Season 3: Exploring vision loss challenges.