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Valentine’s Day: Activities, Cards, and Gift Ideas for People Who are Blind or Have Low Vision

With Valentine’s Day coming up, a variety of suggestions for activities, cards, and gifts have been offered that can be helpful to people who are visually impaired. Following are a few ideas:

Valentine’s Day, Gifts, and Card-Making Can Be a Sensory Experience

“’The day itself is a multisensory kind of experience and can be made complete with many textures, fragrances and sounds and tastes,’” according to Elizabeth Sammons, a “VisionAware” peer quoted by the APH (American Printing House for the Blind) ConnectCenter. Gifts like scented soaps and creams enhance the sense of smell, for example. Tactile gifts like a coffee mug with heart-shaped indents or a heart-shaped pillow are mentioned as well. Mutli-sensory experiences are also offered, such as baking Valentine cookies that stimulate taste, tactile ability, and smell. For more ideas, read the APH Connect Center webpage advising that Valentine’s Day Is on the Horizon: Make It Sensory. ConnectCenter also provides a gift guide.

Additional Valentine’s Day craft pastimes include activities like baking braille “Love” cookies, do-it-yourself heart cupcake toppers, and creating braille valentine printable messages and braille cards. Visit the WonderBaby webpage featuring  11 Accessible Valentine’s Day Crafts (with Braille!) for Kids who are Blind.  A variety of card and gift ideas are also available for purchase from The Braille Superstore Valentine’s Day Showcase.

Fun Activities for Children Who Are Blind and Their Siblings

The theme of hearts can be woven into activities all day, notes Liamsmom, Sandy Gillam, writing on the Paths to Literacy website. Heart-shaped pancakes, snacks in a heart-shaped bowl, and baking cinnamon and sugar chips in those shapes are among her suggestions for children, whether or not they are visually impaired. Creating a heart book, with stickers and writing, can be enjoyed as well. Read more on the Paths to Literacy webpage on Valentine’s Day Fun for Children who are Blind and Their Siblings!