Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

Using Voice AI to Assist Job Seekers

by Jaime Rodriguez

San Francisco-based technology company Zammo is using voice artificial intelligence (voice AI) to improve the accessibility of online job boards and make it easier for individuals with blindness, low vision, or other needs for accessibility to apply for employment. With funding from Microsoft’s AI for Accessibility program, Zammo is “applying voice technologies to create accessibility-friendly interfaces for online job boards.” They aim to use conversational AI to create an inclusive platform for users with disabilities, businesses, and organizations. Many online job boards are currently inaccessible or difficult to use by people who use screenreaders and non-mouse computer navigation devices, which can cause qualified, eligible job seekers to be excluded from the applicant pool. Mary Bellard, the principal innovation architect lead at Microsoft and AI for Accessibility program lead said, “We are thrilled for the opportunity that Zammo’s work can introduce in reducing barriers for employment of people with disabilities.” In this pursuit, Zammo continues a partnership with Open Inclusion, an inclusive insight, design and innovation consultancy agency seeking “to make the world more inclusive” and to leverage technology to address needs. Open Inclusion’s managing director, Christine Hemphill said, “’The research done to date has evidenced how and where people find today’s job search solutions difficult or inaccessible and gathered perspectives on individuals’ interest, experience, expectations or concerns relating to voice-based interactions.’” Zammo is currently performing interviews and surveys to identify the most pertinent information regarding accessibility problems. Their hope is that their finished project will be adopted by all major online job boards, making it easier for qualified applicants with disabilities to navigate and apply for positions. For more information, please check out the AiThority AI Technology Insights article, “Zammo Applies Voice AI to Bridge Vision and Other Accessibility Barriers for People Applying for Jobs Online.”