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Using iOS Devices with Voiceover

By Ahmat Djouma

Have you ever needed to toggle your airplane mode, cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or adjust the screen brightness quickly on your phone?  Normally, you have to navigate first to your device’s setting to make the change.  The control center on your iOS device makes it simple to adjust many of the important settings without directly going to the “Settings” icon. To go to the control center quickly on your phone to change some of the settings:
– Tap on your phone’s status bar (where its shows the time, Wi-Fi, or the device’s battery status).
– Swipe up, using three fingers, on your device to access the control center. This will give you all of your important settings.

To learn more about Voiceover gestures visit The IPhone User Guide: Learn VoiceOver gestures on iPhone.