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Trial of New “Goggles” Uses Electrical Pulses to Halt Progression of Glaucoma

A device that resembles “virtual-reality goggles” is being used in a research trial to explore its effectiveness in halting the progress of glaucoma. The goggles work by sending pulses of electricity to the optic nerve. This new form of treatment, which is backed by previous successful studies, “uses low-level electrical stimulation to promote nerve regeneration,” similar to how the body heals wounds, and triggers growth in the optic nerve. The trial is taking place at Konkuk University, South Korea among patients with glaucoma who will wear the goggles for 30 minutes daily for 16 weeks, with doctors monitoring changes in eye pressure and the thickness of nerve fibers. The goggles were developed by South Korea-based Nu Eyne. For more information about this technology and its use in medical treatment, read the piece from Cool Blind TechThese goggles deliver pulses of electricity to stop glaucoma.