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Travel the “Sonar Islands” Via A Fully Accessible Game

Sonar Islands, released this year, is a fully accessible audio game that does not require the use of voiceover to play.  While traveling, you will encounter a group of islands, with each one presenting different challenges to overcome.  Your task is to collect treasures and, at the same time, avoid obstacles along your way.  In passing through some of the islands you may encounter a sea — which you can’t swim – so you must avoid the that as well as a volcano, where you have to avoid stepping onto the lava.  In one of the tutorials, you are given a compass to figure out where to go. RDPFS intern Ahmat Djourna tried it out and provided this information, sharing that he “could not figure out how to avoid the sea…” Even so, he found the game “challenging, but also interesting.” The game is available as a free app through the App Store (with in-app purchases) for iPhones and iPads.