Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

Transition to College

Accessible Map Library

A recent webinar from Perkins Access reviewed their new online library of accessible maps for the visually impaired and blind. A collaboration with SAS, the library provides a wide variety of maps of university and college campuses,regional geography, political boundaries, and much more. The library, which accepts map contributions from those interested in adding to its content, will provide resources for mainstream education and expand the capabilities of orientation and mobility instructors and their students. This virtual resource can help those who require orientation and mobility training even when in-person services are not available. Access the library from the Perkins eLearning Paths to Technology website and listen to the recorded webinar.

Email your professor – don’t wait! It’s easy with these samples.

Entering college freshmen are receiving their Fall schedules. These 10 sample emails from Paths to Technology: Perkins eLearning are great. Says Ahmat If you are going to be in college for the first time, sending an email early and requesting course materials will make your college transition a whole lot easier. By sending an email in advance, you are making things easier for the professor and for you. The key is making your emails as specific as possible. Look at these samples from the Perkins blog “Ten Form Emails to Send to Your Professors: How to Unapologetically Ask Your Professors for Help Over Email and Get What You Want here. One word of advice: Get your assignments done on time. Do not make a habit of requesting an extension on an assignment the day before it is due. Worthy in the 60’s, worthy now, too.