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“Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation” Application Available: Deadline January 13, 2023

The Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation from National Braille Press (NBP), an annual award of $10,000, recognizes a project, or group of projects, that demonstrate “the most innovative idea in the field of braille and tactile literacy.” Applicants submit projects related to professional software and apps, educational software and apps, gaming software or apps, and braille or tactile-related hardware or learning items. This is the only award that fosters and rewards “innovation in the area of braille and tactile literacy for the blind and deaf blind communities.” Award winners have included innovators worldwide in education, technology, engineering, tactile graphics, and literacy. Applicants need to demonstrate in their narrative what their innovation/project is, how it shows innovation, measurements of success, challenges and limitations experienced, and other criteria outlined in the application materials.  Applications may be submitted electronically or via mail by the January 13, 2023 deadline. For more information about the award, how to apply, who the judges are, and past winners, download the Touch of Genius Prize application here.