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Tips for Travelers with Vision Loss

by Jaime Rodriguez, RDPFS Intern

For people who have vision loss from glaucoma, as well as any type of vision loss, traveling can seem like an indomitable task as one’s vision changes. In recognizing Glaucoma Awareness Month, some travel tips, offered by Lighthouse Guild’s Orientation and Mobility Instructors, can be helpful to overcome challenges to getting around safely, such as overcoming obstacles like the inability to see uneven terrain or objects in one’s path, or traveling an unfamiliar route. Prior to venturing on an unfamiliar route, travelers who are visually impaired can research the intended destination and become familiar with the best methods to get there. It can also be helpful to seek out customer service representatives for assistance with public transportation at airports, and bus and train terminals. And travelers can call airports up to 48 hours in advance of their trip to arrange assistance with their bags, checking in, and boarding. While traveling in unfamiliar locales, technology can be a great ally for the independent traveler. There are apps to assist you in reading text, identifying money or objects in your area, and assisting you in navigating your environment safely. Travelers may also consider seeking mobility training for new, unfamiliar routes and locations to assist them in their travels. For more detailed tips, read the full article in Able News: Travel Tips for People with Eye Disorders.