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Tips for an Enjoyable and Accessible Thanksgiving

by Daniel Parker, RDPFS Intern

The holidays keep on coming! With Halloween just passed, you may be wondering about how to make Thanksgiving more accessible and enjoyable for friends and loved ones with vision loss. This article from IrisVision and this one from VisionBuddy  offer ideas that can be helpful to people with vision loss enjoy the festivities, at home or at a distance. Suggestions include:

  • sending a greeting card electronically, in large print, or in Braille;
  • using digital magnification technology to enjoy a movie or a football game;
  • Cooking a Thanksgiving meal with the use of accessible cooking appliances and smart technology such as a talking microwave, smart measuring cups, etc.;
  • A video call with distant relatives or friends on an accessible platform; and
  • Reading a large print book, Braille book, or ebook, or giving these to friends with vision loss.

You can find more in the articles linked above, and countless other sites across the web have good suggestions. For example, this article from the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) talks about how a visually-impaired child can help with Thanksgiving meal preparation. Another AFB article discusses how to meaningfully share the holiday with children with vision loss.