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The Tech Corner

Cash and Travel

Cash Reader uses the camera on your iphone or ipad to read currencies from over 90 countries, including Uzbekistan. Find yourself in a country that does not have an accessible currency reader? Then this is a great application. The app will allow you to try the two lowest denominations for free. To read all denominations, in app purchases for the full version are as low as 99 cents for a month, $17.99 lifetime. A reviewer noted, “I like the vibration feature, which announces the denomination in a non-verbal way [and] that you can recognize bills without a data connection.

Another release from the same developer is Now You Can See Helping Color Blind. This app “automatically adjusts any image to colors you can see” through a filter created for the user’s type of color blindness. Available in English and Japanese. Also acts as a color identifier.

Free Currency Reader and So Much More

Microsoft’s iOS application Seeing AI is now available in Italian, Dutch, German, French, Japanese and Spanish in addition to English. The app uses the device’s camera and sensors to capture images and information, then analyzes the data it collects. Most analysis takes place on the phone itself, but more complicated processes require Internet connectivity. The app has “channels” for detecting light intensity, scanning barcodes, and “recognizes friends and describes people around you, including their emotions”. (That’s either scary or a great heads up.) It even reads handwritten text. Auditory feedback guides users through the app and ensures that documents and barcodes to be scanned are properly aligned with the camera. Once the scanning is complete, Seeing AI automatically begins to read the text or provide the product information. The app is designed to work with Apple’s VoiceOver, and is free from the App Store. Seeing AI is a continual work-in-progress, and values community participation and feedback. Ask questions, share your experience, and request new features by sending an email to [email protected].