Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

Solar Eclipse “Sonification Tool” Available to the “Blind and Low Vision Community”

“The LightSound device was designed and developed (at Harvard University) …as a tool for the Blind and Low Vision (BLV) community to experience a solar eclipse with sound.” This resource uses sonification, a technique where data, in this case light intensity, is converted to sound. In preparing for the upcoming eclipse, these devices are being provided free of charge to individuals and groups who wish to utilize them to experience the event. A three-dimensional printed box, the LightSound plays the sound of different musical instruments, depending on how much light is detected. It can be attached to headphones or to a speaker for a group. For more details, visit the Harvard webpages on The LightSound Project and Preparing for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse, which includes a map showing locations where devices have been distributed. Additional information is also available from the transcript and recording of the NPR Morning Edition item announcing that this Device helps people who are blind or have low vision experience a solar eclipse.

To place an order, complete the LightSound Request Form.