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Technology Update: New Mobile Phone Enables On-Demand Access to Visual Information

A partnership between BlindShell and Aira has resulted in the integration of the Aira app with the BlindShell Classic 2 accessible cell phone. The Aira app offers “live, on-demand visual interpreting.” BlindShell’s Classic 2 “combines a tactile keypad, voice control, and a high-volume speaker flexibility and ease in operation.” This phone eliminates “the barriers to communication found in traditional phones with touchscreen navigation.” Aira connects users with vision loss to visual interpreters who are professionally trained to read documents, help with navigation, access computers remotely, and provide a description of any visual information needed to complete a task. The phone platform brought about by this partnership equips those who are visually impaired with a tactile keypad that has a camera needed to use the visual interpreting service from Aira. Individuals who have low vision or are blind can download the Aira app from the BlindShell app catalog onto their BlindShell Classic 2, creating “an account with their personal preferences.” Currently, users can try the service at no charge for up to five minutes each day. A variety of subscriptions can be purchased as well, with customer service representatives available to go over options. The BlindShell Classic 2 can be purchased for $489, with three months of free Aira service. Aira’s CEO, Troy Otillio, affirmed that “’Our collaboration is dedicated to helping more people live, work, learn, and enjoy their lives more fully by giving them access to the visual information they need and deserve.’” BlindShell USA’s president and CEO Bari Azman added to this perspective, stating “’The partnership of Aira and BlindShell advances the mission…to remove barriers and make the world more accessible through visual interpreting.” Learn more by reading the BlindShell USA press release: BlindShell Partners with Aira to Debut Aira App on Award-Winning BlindShell Classic 2: Mobile Phone for the Visually Impaired, Enabling On-Demand Access to Visual Information.