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Tax Tips and Resources for 2023

by Daniel Parker, RDPFS Intern

The beginning of March means that tax season is truly upon us. Following is a list of resources from across the Internet to guide you in filing the necessary paperwork:

Turbotax has an article on filing with vision loss, updated for tax year 2022. It covers the various tax deductions people with vision loss may qualify for, although it does not directly touch on accessible ways to file.

– An article from the National Disability Institute has more on the tax deduction for those with vision loss.

– The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has an accessible tax resources page, including links to accessible tax forms and publications. Another IRS page explains the deductions, credits, and other benefits people with disabilities can claim. This article from the American Council of the Blind (ACB) explains offerings from the IRS in somewhat plainer language. It is important to note that the accessible forms are not only available in PDF format, which can be challenging for screen readers, but also in HTML, plain text, e-Braille, and large print versions. Another plain-language explanation is provided by this news release from the IRS.

– Finally, VisionAware has a tax guide bringing together various resources geared especially toward people with low vision.

We hope this information is helpful and that tax season goes as smoothly as possible for all of our readers.