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Taking Bows – RDPFS Partnerships Take off

American Printing House officially rolled out its Getting Started guide, a resource for those who are new to vision loss. APH “recognizes that we live in an ever-changing world” and right now people… may rely more heavily on virtual support systems.” Recognizing that reality, APH is providing the guide in a number of formats, including social media and apps, with more to be added. Those seeking information can reach out via the APH Information & Referral Line (800.232.5463) or at [email protected]. On the Getting Started page, APH acknowledged its partnership with RDPFS as follows: “The American Printing House for the Blind is honored to partner with the Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation to share the 2020 edition of Getting Started with you. We hope you will learn valuable information and gain the knowledge you need to get started on your journey.” Getting Started is available in English and Spanish. To see complete information, go to Vision Aware.

RDPFS, working with the New England College of Optometry, was the lead supporter for “Eye Care for Patients with Intellectual Disability or Neurodevelopmental Delay,” a series of six videos and two brochures posted just this week on Orbis’s Cybersight pages. The videos, which include How to Refract and Preparing for Surgery, “give eye care providers from all over the world access to materials which will provide them with the background, need for, and approach to eyecare for individuals with intellectual disabilities or neurodevelopmental delay.” Follow this link to view the videos.