Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired People

Scaling Up the Business/Disability Workforce Relationship

Kansas City-based InReturn Strategies “is redefining the purpose, execution, and scale of inclusion through a single platform that allows businesses to lead and control the results which drive long-term value”. They do this not only by making a business case for disability employment, but also by partnering with both employers and providers to expand the possibilities for people with disabilities to find jobs that truly match their skills and talents. Their website tells employers: “Don’t step into the social sector to do business, let us bring the social sector to you.” An article in The Washington Post explained: “InReturn’s platform connects private-sector companies with more than 4,500 access providers across the country. InReturn then helps companies tailor their practices to better work with candidates with disabilities.” Among those providers is the Kansas State School for the Blind, which is working on a pilot with InReturn. Take a deeper dive into their business model, which has earned them a spot on the CEO Commission for Disability Employment, by starting with InReturn’s content/platform”platform.