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Research Articles Collection on Aging and Vision Loss Publications Now Available

The new Research Articles Collection (RAC) on aging and vision loss is now available for professionals to “support grant writing and inform direct service” programs. It has been developed through a collaboration among OIB-TAC (The Older Individuals who are Blind Technical Assistance Center), the Aging and National Vision Loss Coalition (AVLNC),and VisionServe Alliance. Their partnership aims to heighten awareness and understanding of the “clinical needs of seniors living with vision loss.” A curated collection of relevant research, RAC helps professionals locate relevant articles and peer-reviewed publications on aging and vision loss. The database can be searched by topic, keyword, author, time of publication, and more. RAC is available to anyone who would like to use it. For more information, and to link to the Articles Collection, read the VIsionServe Alliance webpage announcing that The Research Articles Collection (RAC) Is A Curated Collection Of Relevant Research To Support Grant Writing And Inform Direct Service.