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Request for Participants from the Boston Area: Paid Research Study on How People Who are Blind or Have Low Vision Learn to Use Software-Based Tools

Researchers from Northwestern University are seeking participants for a paid research study that aims to understand how people who are blind or have low vision learn to use new software-based tools. This may include learning to use document preparation tools, such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs, communication software, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack), and more. The study team wants to know about specific educational materials, such as audio/video tutorials, online or in-person courses, and written guides, or strategies those participating use for learning software-based tools. To be eligible to participate, individuals must be blind or have low vision; be age 18 of age or older; speak English; be familiar with the use of macOS and VoiceOver on the Mac; and live in or near Boston, MA. Participants selected will join in the study in person at either The Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton, MA or a research lab located on the campus of Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Each eligible participant who is invited and goes on to attend and complete the technology testing session will receive $100. For more information and to consider or to be considered for this opportunity, visit the Google Forms webpage and fill out and submit the Accessible Learning Resources Study: Questionnaire to Determine Eligibility.